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MEF Seminar on IVA Konferenscenter

Carrier Roundtable with MEF 19 February

For the second year in a row with arranged a seminar and a Carrier Roundtable event together with the Metro Ethernet Forum, MEF. Once again, it was a very successful event with almost 100 delegates at the seminar and well over that at the Carrier Roundtable even later in the evening.

During the seminar we were given the opportunity to learn more about the development of Carrier Ethernet and how this relates to areas such as Cloud, SDN, Wholesale and Service Management. The seminar concluded with a much appreciated panel discussion where Nir Halachmi, Johan Witters, Youcef Ayad and Shahar Steiff participated with Mark Purdom as the Panel Moderator.

We then continued with the Carrier Roundtable where even more members joined us for a very well attended event. The venue of our choice, IVAs konfrencenter in the city centre of Stockholm, became quite full and we broke some kind of record when it came to the price giving thanks to the nine sponsors of the MEF seminar that made this event possible.

We would like to once again thank the MEF and their sponsors for making this event possible!

Now, we look forward to the next Carrier Roundtable where we hope to see just as many, or perhaps even more, participants,

Mats Nilsson Hahne, Interxion Sweden


Crt -mef 2014-01

Youcef Ayad, TeliaSonera

Crt -mef 2014-02

Magnus Grenfeldt, Transmode

Crt -mef 2014-03

Yoav Valadarsky, ECI Telecom


Crt -mef 2014-04

Jan Marien, One access

Crt -mef 2014-05

Zeev Draer, MRV


Crt -mef 2014-06

Yaron Shilo, RAD


Crt -mef 2014-07

Shahar Steiff, PCCW Global, MEF Board Director 

Crt -mef 2014-08

The Panel Discussion with Nir Halachmi, Johan Witters, Shahar Steiff  and Youcef Ayad.


Crt -mef 2014-09

Panel Moderator – Mark Purdom, Overture


Crt -mef 2014-10

The MEF seminar


Carrier Roundtable mingle and networking

Crt -mef 2014-11

Crt -mef 2014-12 

Crt -mef 2014-13

Crt -mef 2014-14

Crt -mef 2014-15

Crt -mef 2014-16