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Inspiring seminar on the theme 'leverage on the power of edge'

Carrier Roundtable with STOKAB 13 November 2019


Together with STOKAB, we invited to an event with an introductory seminar on the theme 'Leverage on the Power of Edge'. We had a pleasant and enjoyable evening with many happy and committed participants.


Our keynote speaker Gemma Vall Llosera from Ericsson, shared new insight on how high-speed connectivity, in the shape of 5G, is required for technologies such as VR, automation, and AI. We discussed the latest about 5G, the relationship between fibre infrastructure and Edge Computing and how quantum networks will change the scene.

This was also a great opportunity to hear mor about STOKAB, their 25 years history and about STOKABs edge ready fibre network and forthcoming development.


After the seminar, the networking started, where hopefully many new business contacts were established. 

A big thank you to EVERYONE who participated and to the evening's sponsor, STOKAB!



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Keynote Speaker

Gemma Vall Llosera

Enabling the 4th industrial revolution and beyond- High-speed connectivity in the shape of 5G is taking us to Gbit/s capacity and latencies down to 1ms that are required for technologies such as robotics, virtual reality, automation, and AI. Also, as we move deeper into 5G and cloud-native networks, mobile edge computing allows for distributed AI and real time autonomous decision-making. However, the amount of bandwidth needed in the air interface to satisfy all these use cases is directly proportional to the amount of fibre available and the network connectivity. And what happens when fibre does not only transport bits of information but also quantum bits? We will explore this and more during this talk.

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Already at the Edge of Edge- Stokab is hosting the Interxion Roundtable, as a part of our 25 years anniversary of providing the Stockholm region with direct fibre connectivity. Stokab will give a short presentation of their edge ready fibre network.

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